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System Matters (#42)

By |2018-10-20T23:31:10+11:00June 30th, 2017|Modelling principles, Newsletter|

In some cases, when we begin a task of data modelling, we can build walls around our project and treat it as an independent kingdom.  The design process is easier if the project has no need of any inputs from outside nor any need to provide information to anywhere else.  This gives us much more [...]

Analysis of future usage (#41)

By |2018-10-20T23:40:52+11:00June 22nd, 2017|Modelling principles, Newsletter|

How will my software be used in two years’ time?  What extra fields should I add now so that they can be used in “a while”?  Should I make these fields optional until some extra data is available next year?  Is data validation necessary, or will it become a maintenance nightmare? […]

Modelling goals (#38)

By |2018-10-21T00:35:05+11:00June 1st, 2017|Modelling principles, Newsletter|

There are many things in life that follow paths of steady development towards certain goals. Learning to drive a car requires initial learning of the mechanical skills and then those skills are practised until the new driver passes a test. Going from ignorance to an acceptable level of skill follows a fairly standard process, and [...]

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