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Hardware hides performance pitfalls (#52)

By |2018-10-21T00:09:16+11:00September 21st, 2017|Modelling principles, Newsletter|

Data modelling is not the only limiter of performance. When I first started working with databases, performance in all aspects of computing was much worse than it is now.  However well an expert might craft a query, and however simple the query might be, technical restrictions would always limit the performance to just a few [...]

Missing data (#51)

By |2018-10-21T00:11:57+11:00September 11th, 2017|Modelling principles, Newsletter|

A very common problem with databases is missing data. Missing data makes searches difficult (or impossible) and statistics unreliable. Two common reasons for this are: Records contain optional fields which have been left empty. Records are completely missing because some of the mandatory information was not available. Since the missing data was in mandatory columns, [...]

Which RDBMS? (#50)

By |2018-10-21T00:16:30+11:00September 4th, 2017|Modelling principles, Newsletter|

In this series of newsletters, we concentrate on data modelling in general and discuss relational databases when we need to consider specific applications.  In general, we do not consider the so-called “NoSQL” databases.  Relational database management systems lend themselves to the use of fixed schemas and also provide easy type checking. […]

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